Be On Time

More and more we find ourselves being late. This week Father Dan challenges us to practice the virtue of promptness.

Should I Pray for a Raise?

How do we handle the many blessings God gives us? Do we look at them as opportunities to help those in need?

Our Daily Bread

The Daily Bread sustains us and gives us the graces to do the will of the Lord. It is meant to be received often, more than once a week.

Pray and Serve

This week we read in the Gospel the story of Martha and Mary. Which one are you? Martha or Mary? We must be both.

Put Them on the Donkey

This week Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan. God brings people to us who are suffering, but do we always see them?

We Need More Laborers

The Lord says we need more laborers. How can we be laborers for the Lord?

No Place to Lay Your Head

We are all guilty of carrying useless “stuff” place to place that we cannot rest peacefully with the Lord.


Christ blesses the people with bread and the fish but it is a sign of something more, something that will satisfy: the Eucharist.

The Great Revealer

How many times has the Holy Spirit come to reveal the mercy and love of the Father and Son but we are not open.


Many of us lock Christ out, yet the Holy Spirt comes bringing forgiveness, mercy, and peace.

One Word

How do you know someone is a follower of Christ? The answer is one word. LOVE.


This Sunday we focus on the voice of the Good Shepherd and pray that our hearts “listen” to his call.

Catch a Fish

Surrender to the Lord the things you do on your own. On our own we catch little, but with the Lord we catch much.


Do you find yourself being like St. Thomas who wouldn’t believe “unless” he put his finger in the nail marks?

Who’s Going to Remove the Stone?

Who is going to remove the stone’s in our hearts this Easter season, that we may encounter the Resurrected Lord?

Unblemished Lamb

Spend time in the Garden this Holy Thursday to pray for our priests.

King of Your Heart

On Palm Sunday we read that Christ was recognized as a King, but is He really your King, the King of your Heart?

New Bones

As we draw closer to Holy Week, we are challenged to prepare ourselves for a Good Confession.

A Blind Heart

How does the blind man’s story point to our own blindness to God? We ask God to open not only our eyes this Lent, but also our heart.


Father Dan challenges us to watch out for the ordinary distractions that can fill our day and lead us to avoid God.

Recognizing God

Do you recognize the presence of God around you or in the people around you?


How are you doing on your Lenten Sacrifices? This Lent, Father Dan reminds us to not turn away in the midst of struggles.

Seeing the Splinter

Father challenges us to see the “splinter” in our own lives that we are trying to overcome.

Pray For Your Enemies

Father Dan unpacks three ways we can practice loving our enemies.

I Trust in You

Father Dan invites us to trust in the Lord, above all and not in man.

Open to the Spirit of the Lord

A few words on really being open to the Spirit of the Lord….

When God Gifts Us

Isn’t watching a person use a gift the best part of giving a gift?

Baptism of the Lord

Fr. Dan invites us to enter into the mystery of the Baptism of our Lord

That “I Got It Moment”

That moment when everything changes…

Protecting the Peace

Protecting the Peace of Christ from the frenetic frenzy of Christmas homestretch preparations and unrealistic expectations.