Gaudete Sunday! Our Savior is about to come! Refuse to let anyone or anything steal your Joy!

Prepare Your Heart

Whether we are in good or difficult times, now is the time to prepare our hearts for the faith, love, and hope of the Christ Child.


Think you know what it takes to be the greatest? (September 23 Readings)

“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Who did Jesus say that He is? Who do you say that He is? (September 16 Readings)


Recognizing Christ’s voice in the moments of our lives. (September 9th Readings)

By Prayer and Fasting

God will honor our prayers and fasting for deeper conversion for ourselves and the entire Body of Christ

To Whom Shall We Go?

To whom shall we go when the going gets tough? (Aug 26th readings)

August 5

What do YOU work for? Do you seek the food that will truly feed you?

August 12: Be Freed, Be Healed

Let God penetrate your heart as you receive the Eucharist this week.


Division separates. Whether it is good or bad depends on what is being separated.

Journeying with Christ

Corpus Christi Processions are a good way to remember that we are journeying WITH Christ through our lives.

“No Longer Slaves of Fear”

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we don’t have to live in fear: we have a heavenly Father to embrace us!

No Greater Love

Definition of Mom: Laying down one’s life in the little and big things in life. Agree?

Remain in Me

Remaining united to Christ is a challenge in our world of constant go-go.

Always There

Like all good shepherd, Jesus is always there. Even if we stray, He is there.

Jesus:Why are you troubled?

Ever wonder why Jesus asks questions when He already knows the answer?

Just Believe you? Yes? No? Kind of sort-of? What would it take to just believe?

He is Risen!

This is the day the Lord has made! Rejoice! And be glad!

Are You One of THEM?

Are you? Are you one of Them? Will you admit it? And to whom will you admit it?

Leave the Tomb!

Jesus led Lazarus out of the tomb of death. He can lead you out of the tomb of sin. Just listen to Him!

Seeing Differently

If we give Jesus the permission to heal our blind spots, we can see the world anew.

Come Meet Jesus, Meet Love

When the Samaritan woman encounters Jesus, she encounters Divine Love and runs to invite others to encounter Him too!

Is God First?

Abraham puts God before his son’s life. Can we give up the root of our sins?

We are Family

Being family.

A Very Special Christmas Message

Fr. Dan’s Christmas Day Message and Blessing.

Preparing the Way

Preparing to fill our homes and our hearts with Divine Love…

Advent 101

Advent: it’s all about the watching, preparation and waiting! Check out Fr. Dan’s guide!

Because He is King and Love Itself

Pondering a bit deeper why Jesus asks us to meet the needs of the “least of these my brothers.”

A Thanksgiving Blessing

Father Dan Leary offers a Thanksgiving Blessing for you and your loved ones!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Worry and anxiety, they are like parasites that zap our energy. As Padre Pio famously said, “Worry is useless!”