The Most Extra-Ordinary Miracles

People often inquire about the most extraordinary miracles that I have witnessed. The truth is that the most extraordinary miracle is the most extra-ordinary miracle of the Eucharist.

F.A.M.I.L.Y. — Forget About Me, I Love You

When we turn away from the self-absorption, pride, selfishness, self-pity and even self-hate and towards the Holy Trinity we can truly be F.A.M.I.L.Y not only with each other but also […]

Healed by the Love of the Mighty Comforter

Many mistakenly think that their wounds, especially emotional and spiritual, are so ugly that there is no hope of being loved – even by God.  Jesus tells us to trust […]

What Logo are You Sporting?

Logos help organizations and especially sports teams to build brand loyalty. Great logos are emblematic of what they represent.  What logo are you sporting? Is it Team  Father, Son and […]

Peace, Peas, Piece — Will the Real Peace Stand Up?

Jesus promised a peace that was not the same as “Whirled Peas.”   Paradoxically, His peace not only can exist in the midst of the whirling turmoil of this world, […]

A Father Who is Always for You

Before we were knitted in the womb, He loved us.  He sent His Son to not only fix our failure to Love but to also teach us to Love as […]


Imagine Jesus calling you by name. Imagine each of us responding by following in His footsteps like the early Christians: full of joy, full of hope, eager to love, eager […]

“Come, Talk to Me About Love”

Jesus is always ready to talk to us about how He Loves us.  Even after we deny Him. No matter how many times.  Why not take some time every day […]

Guided by the Hand of Love

Thomas does not believe until he can put his finger into Jesus’ wounds.  Is it possible that doubt can paradoxically lead us to greater faith?

Jesus: Our Light. No matter what!

Jesus Christ is Risen Today! Happy Easter!  Fr. Dan explains how because Jesus is risen, He brings light, joy, and hope to our lives no matter what is going on. […]

A Week of Characters

Holy Week is the stage for the greatest story ever told: the Passion of Christ. The cast of characters is large and diverse. Fr. Dan tells us about his unexpected […]

Where is God?

When their beloved brother Lazarus dies, Martha and Mary ask, “Where is Jesus?” Today, in the midst of the pain of loss, many of us ask,  “Where is God? Where […]

What’s in It for Me?

When it comes to Jesus, to the sacraments, to prayer,  have you ever struggled to answer  “What’s it in it for me?  Fr. Dan offers insights on why we struggle […]

Be More than a Billboard

Fr Dan Leary encourages go beyond being a static billboard for Christ: Instead of being the “religious” one in the family or office, how about imitating the Samaritan woman and […]

More Than Meets the Eye: Transfiguration

Seeing Christ in “church” is the key to allowing Christ to change and transfigure us so that others see Him in us.    Fr. Dan invites us to attend a […]

Don’t (?) Be a Hero

Father Dan reflects on the temptation of Christ in the desert.  In times of temptation, we need to choose to surrender ourselves to God in humility and with confidence to […]

The Daily Grind

Father Dan Leary discusses the readings for Sunday, February 10.  This Lent, let Christ fill the void in our daily struggles so that we can find meaning, united to Christ.

Our Witness is Love

Father Dan Leary reflects on the readings for Sunday, Feb 03, 2013.

You Do Not Stand Alone

In this Sunday’s reading from 1 Corinthians, Paul refers to us as baptized into one body. Fr. Dan reflects on the ramification not only for those around us but also for ourselves if […]

Pastor’s Corner

Fr. Dan Leary’s Reflections on The Wedding at Cana

Pastor’s Corner

Fr. Dan Leary welcomes you to his first Pastor’s Corner.  “More than a sermon, more than a thought, it’s the reality of Jesus Christ.”

Knight of the Week